So here’s another of the PhotoSphere Tiny Planet projections…
The whole methodology of shooting a 360 is rotating precisely around the exact point on all three axis of where the light bends through the lens of the camera. Hence lot of beautifully tooled mechanized aluminum mounts and struts for tripods and DSLRs.
My mobile doesn’t have one of these, and this forest floor hasn’t seen a spirit level for some time. Adding to the difficulty of shooting on the hoof in this environment is the fact that the main body of content are vertical in reasonably close proximity, these are normally where any off kilter shots would manifest themselves in poor quality seams between the individual photos. When shooting this I’m obviously going be a good bit off the axis, but this is where I’m blown away by the ‘smartness’ of the PhotoSphere software is its ability to seemingly understand and compromise time and space to help dizzy, near-falling oafs like myself.
Some post-pro in phone that seemed appropriate, making the pine needle strewn floor look a bit like a pin cushion with the pine trees.