Dublin, as any local will know to both their joy and their detriment, is tiny.

It’s a pleasure to bump into all friends and ‘yer man… ‘ constantly, and a claustrophobic hell for others. Either way its essentially a glorified town, and oddly enough, Ireland is lovingly referred to as Village Ireland.

This is a Tiny Planet image, its made by inverting your viewpoint, and going wide from a traditional 360. They kinda look more like little islands, and make the nadir or base view the bulbous centre point. The 360 was made on Google Camera on Android 5.0 on Samsung Galaxy S2 – not that is important, what is that its made on the hoof, on a mobile. A little bit of extra post-pro is taken via Google in app tools (these were butchered off a Google purchase of Snapseed – a truly great early in phone post-pro app).
So the original of the 360 can be added to Google Maps, Tweetings, Instagrammin’ and what-nottin’ for the Tiny Planet.
Of course, that is yer man Oscar Wilde chillin’ on the rock opposite his old house on Merrion Square.