I was lucky enough to have some down time on commission over in New York last spring. I was in the throes of a new found love and amazement with Android’s Photosphere – it’s a pretty amazing bit of software tacked onto the later native stock Android camera which allows you to create full 360s utilising the gyro, compass and processor of the device. After you finish shooting it takes a little while to crunch the images into a 2:1 (that’s the flat jpg file) from the you can colour tweak it etc, and then crucially share onto Google Maps or Google View or Google+ in PhotoSphere mode (giving that 360 pull-and-push effect). Or else you can happily post it flat onto 500px, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr etc.

We were based over in Brooklyn which was ace, and pretty much anywhere we would walk in New York, I’d kinda half recognise from dozens of films watched at too-late o’clock back home. Had to walk the famous Manhattan Bridge, tried not to take all those iconic shots you know but don’t that you know from it (!). So using a fair bit of patience, luck and perseverance I shot the above 360 with tonne of people flying along, simply waiting till the waves of people subsided to catch a section empty, dodging a few irate cyclists and remembering me spot, I managed to catch a calm shot of something that really wasn’t calm – the bridge was in effect heaving with commuting pedestrians. it’s not prefect but for a Paddy with a Samsung I was pretty happy with it.

And once it’s published on Google Views it can be shared out of there in iFrame, as below.