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First on the Latest Incarnation
October 27, 2021

Pouring meself a large one – well, this ain't me, but still – it's the thought that counts. Latest incarnation of the long running shop window for ConPhotography, now running on slicker, later, and more expensive servers. Expect 404s, missing fonts and delayed updates as I get distracted by events, work, shiny things and/or hoovering.

Mr Hereford Prime – Richie Wilson
March 31, 2022

There's something near Fred Flinstone on this one. Hereford Prime needed some shots of their devoted disciple chef Richie for an upcoming PR campaign and we managed to knock a few frames out between shots and giggles. Richie Wilson is executive chef at Fire Steakhouse & Bar on Dawson Street, Dublin and Sole Restaurant on Sth William Street also in Dublin, he knows the beef. And is total pro doing plenty of TV and PR work – knew to go straigh...

360º Projections From Google StreetView
March 31, 2022

Pwaang-bokka, pwaang-pwaang... Feels like a bit of slap bass would be an appropriate sound to a gnarled 360º projection like this. So 360º photography is made by recording the entire horizontal visible 360º and the vertical 180º – that way all that can be seen is recorded. This is usually render then as an equi-rectangular 360º x 180º still image. Various online javascript trickery then can make this into a Google Streeview or otherwise experien...

Life in Motion
April 3, 2022

The completely wonderful folk of Maria and Pedro outside their bicycle shop/workshop Life in Motion, Harold's X, Dublin 8. Great little bike shop catering for the older and newer wheels of modern life, and serving a some damn fine coffee to boot, or drink even. It's on the main drag of the X, and they were keen to get a new fandangled Google StreetView tour as they'd expanded from the shop's original footprint and gone next door but one, added s...

Halloween Spooktacular
November 2, 2022

Well, I was terrified. I literally had goosebumps on my arm after shooting this. It's the contact lenses – I just cant handle the eyes, I had to look off of the subject to shoot this. Thank God it's only once  a year. Super Halloween party in Dublin 4, load of folks really making the effort, others not so much but that's craic. This lad stood out for some reason in amongst the Thelmas from Scooby-Doo, Jokers and cowboys

Clerys Night Illumination
November 8, 2022

Clerys was a Dublin institution. An ever present, reliable department store, that would invariably get you out of any Christmas present hole. Well it was, till it wasn't. So current owners were doing some internal illuminations for a charity recognition event, and needed some proof and social media fodder for the press releases etc. Pink floors looking pink and blue looking blue. Big Jim is always in the way, but provides a good recognitio...

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