From the amazingly sunny terrace on Carrer Balmes in Barcelona!
We moved back to Dublin 10 years ago this summer. Herself was expecting, and the financial world was burning. Twas exciting times.
We’d been scampering around flea markets buying age old bakelite and plastic cameras fro a number of years, delighted that people saw no value in these nuggets. Each version has it own beautiful qualities, unique to its make and then through use, misuse and time, each individual camera will have its own light leaks, scratches, smudges and colours. We managed to fill a drawer or two with rolls, and rolls of film over time. And still continue to find cameras with unfinished rolls – always wondering if its worth finishing it out or rewind and pop a fresh canister in?
So this is me. All young like. Found in a drawer that we’re staring to develop, scan. And smile at.