Sean is a regular of my Instagram feed, always popping up with tightly graded shorn young folk of Dublin looking impossibly sharp. I believe he’s just moved into new shop in Temple Bar, Dublin and trundled across a version of this while backing (so many hard drives… ), and it’s a shot I always liked – so worth a quick posting.
If I recall I was using three mobile flashes and some of the coloured filters I’d been carting around for the opportunity. Sean was busy unboxing product and setting up his new barber shop, and most importantly was game for doing something a bit different. Think LeCool were looking for a feature of the entrepreneur/ DJ / artist / slash. So we set it up down in the basement away from other light sources, and it looked pretty good straight out of the gate, so very limited post-production was involved. Barber’s dont really do websites but like I mention catch him on Instagram or Twitter.