This is chocolate.
Well, no it’s not. But it kinda is…
Strangely enough, for something that is so familiar, so commonplace, so everyday or even twice a day, chocolate is a bit of a mystery. Any film clip you see of a master chocolatier making chocolate always starts with them making it from chocolate – albeit slightly smaller chocolate pieces.
But still: “How do I make chocolate? Well, first I take some chocolate… ”

This is the cocoa bean. The wonderful Cocoa Atelier on Drury Street wanted to do their bit to help educate their choc-addicts clients, so arranged a fresh bean in for some photographs. Have to admit to being pretty amazed by the bean itself, it’s kinda like if someone had a kidney bean for a brain that’s what it would look like, possibly.

Anyway it’s a really nice way of showing off a bit of product, even if the final product is vastly more appetising.