RIP David Carr.
Sad news this morning about this passing of David Carr, famed New York Times columnist and bullshit destroyer. I embarrassingly enough wasn’t too familiar with his work, life and deserved notoriety before he dropped over to Dublin in November for and off-WebSummit talk courtesy of fine folk at Spiel. Briefly met him in Grogans, along with Shane Snow, and the man was utterly buzzing, teeming with energy, witticisms and ascerbic truth, I was almost aghast. Couple of quick photos and then to the venue for a hosted chat, Spiel really, on the state of modern media. Both himself and Shane delivered some really thought provoking stuff, and lifted cans of worms without wearing suitable gloves with enormous gusto, insightful, bloody funny, warm and endearing. The man was bigger than the room and intellectually seductive, he made a massive impression on me personally that night.
Reading up on him after the fact it seems he’d led a pretty eventful life and touched others accordingly and cut a big figure in the New York Times, no mean feat. God speed.