Living in Dublin and loving pubs, you pretty much have to decide what pubs suit what occasion – otherwise you get overwhelmed with the choice. There’s pubs for chats, pubs for the match, pubs for food. When the RBS 6 Nations rolls into town then there’s a myriad of fine options – Slatterys, 51 on Haddington but one of my own favourites would be the Old School House on Mount Street Bridge. Watching Ireland beat England yesterday, I’m grinning nervously and really enjoying the best sports tournament in the world right now.
So it got me thinking of down in Dublin 4… I shot some delicious food for the folk in there a while back and just been stumbling across some archives and found myself double taking on the prawns and getting hungry so thought I’d better share!
Stacked high, with oysters and a sweet crab shell, humbly backed up with a taster of stout – this is what I pine for daily. Its a beautiful and historic bar, with splintered ceiling timber from the bloody battle of Mount Street Bridge when the British Soldiers were ambushed by a handful of Irish volunteers on their way in from Kingstown to Dublin City. Its surprisingly sparely populated on any day bar match day and sunny Friday in the summer when the place gets thronged with the locals all suited and booted.