LaRousse are the guys behind most of the great plates of food in Dublin, and Ireland. They supply most of the top Dublin restaurants with fantastic quality food from Ireland and beyond. With so much of the shift in dining being about the providence and the quality of the produce, they took it upon themselves to ferry up some really interesting artisan producers with their wares to introduce them to some of Dublin’s chefs. Throw in some great tasting snacks, eye-popping cocktails and a swish room courtesy of chic-hotel The Dean – and you got yourselves a tasty afternoon party.
LaRousse wanted some photos of the event as they knew a good few of the invitees may not have been able to make it but since such a chunk of their skill is education and inspiration on new foods, they wanted some photos of the event.
I hooked up the cameras to the laptop over the wifi and had small photos ready for Twittering or Facebook immediately from the laptop, while I worked the room – I can do this setup for remote bloggers and social media managers too at events.
And also hooked up another camera to timelapse the room during the events, and then made a short video between the photography and the timelapse that, if I can say so, pretty neatly surmises the event.
Looking back at it now I’m gutted I didn’t eat more – it looked proper delicious.