Hanover Quay rather than Head Quaters, since you ask πŸ™‚
New interiors for a new restaurant in the old hallowed halls of Ely HQ over in Hanover Quay. It’s the new Silicon Docklands, boasting well heeled smart young things clutching flat whites and yoga mats, along with Facebook, Google and all the solicitors in Dublin. That and the local wetsuit bedecked lads doing backflips beside the water-skiers and aquatic vehicles with tourists donning vikings hats – y’know typical Dublin, like.
So had a fun shoot down at HQ covering food, interiors and a Google 360 tour. They’d done the place out very nicely with a smorgasbord of eclectic bits and pieces. There’s nice palette of colours running through the collected objet-trouves in there. And since I personally like nothing more than loungin’ around on the sofa complete with wine and devilish nibbles, this was a total pleasure – and exercise it resisting immediate temptations.
I’m also a big fan of the room dividers as it makes for lots of nooks an crannies which would normally be rare in a big new build like this. The wall photos wouldn’t quite be my bag – I’d have gone for really nice vintage posters, that might be a bit too close to home though.
*Edit – looks like they’ve some nice new photos on their website too!