While convincing the Archipelago gents to stand out in the Baltic night air out in Dollymount to catch the Pigeon Chimneys at night for this portrait, I took the oppurtunity to try some light painting.
Its simply painting with light into a long exposed frame – think of writing your name with sparklers as a kid at Hallowe’en.
So it was a popular thing online at the time, and it can be quite a cool effect. I suggested just doing a non-descript ball, which would hopefully catch the eye of an editor, photo-editor or hack.
Long exposure on a tripod, flashes triggered and then yours truly runs into shot with some red LEDs and paints a ball in while moving myself about and staying invisible. It worked, but we skipped on using it. And forgot about it completely till recently.
Mmmm… might whip that trick out of the bag again, if I find something that suits.