Cremore Clinic is a out in Glasnevin, and they requested a Google tour a few weeks back. Its a recently renovated clinic and they’ve all these pods off the main artery which gives all these mini zen-like moments. Right at the back of the property they’ve a really stunning rose garden, I’m no huge fan of the anything-but-humble rose but I must have hit it a just the right time – pretty mesmerising.
Anyhoo, one of the more challenging portfolios in the government is the Minister for Health, basically cos we’re kinda useless at keeping healthy, Leo Varadkar is a trained GP hiimself and by most accounts seem to be making good of a poor hand. There’s plenty of interesting whispers of him being a suitable successor to our leader Enda K. We’ll see how things pan out in the impending election.
But I digress, back to Cremore Clinic and quick photo of the great doctors and staff, and the minister himself in their lovely garden (which has bravely survived a couple of unseasonable and heavy rainfalls of late).
That’s a picture for their website and one for the wall of the clinic I reckons.