You’d be forgiven for suspecting the industrial designer of this device had some wild disco-tinged agenda on the world.
But in actual fact this Miravex device delivers << insert science-y speak here... >> something, something, photo, something, light-mapping, something, skin, something, something. I nodded and agreed as white-coated lab doctor cheerily explained. No idea.

Then he showed me the results of how this device can interpret and map skin, creating 3D maps of areas around the skin of the face. it’s really spectacular – utterly beyond me – but staggering all the same. Miravex use them in cosmetic applications, but are able to maps the hemoglobin and do all sorts of modelling that sounds medical to me.
They need some new photos just to simply show the product in its entirety, with some tech specific shots (labels and vables etc) and then we had the opportunity to shoot the lights in full disco mode. Its never ideal shooting lights as there’s plenty of variables and refractions to take into consideration, add thirty or so coloured LEDs pulsating and its just exponentially changed the variables. Anyways after a few tries and a tiny bit of post-production trickery we got the product shot required, all LEDs lit (which doesn’t happen ordinarily).
If I was to operate one of these in a clinic I’d make sure Chic were playing in the background. Or maybe Funkadelic…