So it’s been a busy couple of weeks. Massively enjoyable and utterly Dublin-centric, which is only a great thing.
So MusicTown kicked off, and its a Dublin City Corporation initiative, which brings in a few looser smaller strands and give them a big brother hug, and then peppers the city with another great range of events. Over 10 days, and maybe 40+ locations MusicTown did a fantastic job an encapsulating some gems and nuggets of Dublin life that fall so easily under the music moniker. Opera in ChristChurch, contemporary jazz in the Project Arts, live film scores in IFI; and Damien Dempsey, Imelda May, Glen Hansard and Franno (Love/Hate).
A whirlwind it was.
So the nugget of the photography for an event like this was getting great photography of the events and then into the hands of the social media and PR team. Armed with cameras and laptop I was able to deliver branded photography ripe for sharing immediately after the events. A reasonably subtle watermark ensured anything that was shared and re-shared could at least retain some of its original intent and message. The team had access through from their mobiles could easily pick what they wanted from the galleries, and then push it out. Decided to also give the whole festival a bit of a look, Instagram-lite if you wish, so some preset tones and post-production effects were used, nothing over the top just subtly more atmospheric.
And traditional media requiring specifics could be easily accommodated too with a simple request for an appropriate file.