Delectable and delicious.
Atlantic Rock oysters – food of the kings and deliverer of such satisfaction. If you don’t, or even worse, can’t do these shell-rockers, you have my full commiserations and pity. They’re such a treat and a funtastic addition to any meal, it’s bizarre to think that in bygone days they would have been spurned and thought of peasant food. Now they’re bedfeloows with champagne and stout.
In amongst this lot are some Carlingford Lough oysters, which are a more rounder shell and meatier and slightly less sea-salty. I’ve spotted the beds while working up on another job in Carlingford – the splendid view is wasted on those lowly molluscs.
This was shot for LaRousse Foods brochure, which is sent out to all the top restaurants in Ireland, so we had to shoot a few things that would make the chefs sit up and pay attention.
Chef Gerry helped set up lots of things on the shoot, and one of my favourite tricks of his was blanching the seaweed to turn it bright green. I’m not sure exactly when I’ll be able to use that trick in my own kitchen, but I will. And everyone will be surprised, mostly due to the fact I’d be cooking seaweed I reckon.