Nights are getting darker, and the pub gets infinitely more attractive.
Enjoyed great event in a new location for me last Monday evening. A wee get-together for some of the folk helping the Alone Charity raise a few quid, for the some of the older members of the community, all through lip-smackingly good ale. A good crew from some fine established pubs (The Two Sisters, The Oak, The Brazen Head… to name a few) all turned up to catch up and raise a glass too. No harm, Monday is the weekend for the pub trade.
Drinks had, smiles, a few nibbles and quick speech or two all with the brewery of the Open Gate. This was a new one for me. A mini micro brewery under the wing of diageo/Guinness beast up on Thomas Street. So managed to get all the requisite event photography, but also had some time and space to shoot a quick beer hero shot. A couple of speedlights and a fast settling beer added to the pressure but think managed to squeeze out a pretty smart product photograph in the midst of the event.
I know it make me thirsty looking at it!