So I know Steven and John from various entrepreneur networking events around Dublin – there does seem to be a great swathe of events that we’re blessed with here – and the time had come where they needed to push their fledgling Archipelago out into the water.
I was delighted to be asked to be involved and given a pretty free reign to come up with some strong portrait photography that would help them get some press and help give them a little kickstart. We decided to give the grip-and-grin shot a wide berth, the laptop-with-logo shot was a no-go and bikinis on Stephens Green was understandably vetoed.
So I’d been toying with the idea of some night portraits, and thought getting a stretch of water (Archipelago… ), and something undeniably Dublin along with the two gents in question. Helped with layers of clothes in the February evening we hitched up near Dollymount, rolled out some lights, and waited patiently for the twilight. Have to say the lads were incredibly patient, as it patience for this kind of shot is certainly required.
Delighted to even manage to catch the moon in the shot, and if I recall correctly the was a couple of good editorial spreads in the business newspapers – I hope, helped along with some unique photography.