Antique, or at least old cutlery, is the most peculiar thing to behold. Something so ordinary and everyday can seem so foreign like bone handled forks, with over curved tines.
Having said that in a well crafted food shoot they can just finish a scene so perfectly, something that not even Ikea’s luxury range would be able to get close to. That phenomenally popular retro-chic look, just begs for some oddly patterned plate a clutch of dressed salad leaves, and some deliriously delicious quinoa.
Anyways this was for a product pitch that was shelved but not forgotten. Had to use some high speed synching on the light lights to achieve this, and then manually synching the camera, lights and falling cutlery was a little taxing.
But now that I’ve got my TriggerTrapp device I think I’ll get back to the drawing board with some sound triggered falling delights. Will just have to make sure they crash before they land!