I love courgettes. I like chomping fresh little ones, chopping firm ones and pointing and laughing at oversized ones that belong in science fiction novels. If i had to have a favourite vegetable it’d be a courgette – but that would be a bit weird, having a favourite vegetable.
So summer’s gift are these guys just blooming out of veg patches> Dax on Pembroke St had me in to shoot some of these delectables, and out popped this little beauty. My Swiss cheese memory is stumped on this one (another one I missed on tasting – cos I’d have remembered that for sure), but I’m tempted to guess cream cheese and herb, and then with a salmon foamed sauce – but I’m not certain by any means.
Really love the crisp French formal linen and the strong strong look of the delph with all its tight ribbed circles. The delicate flower would have been picked that morning in North County Dublin, bought into the restaurant and prepped for me and the camera before 11am. Its colour is divine. The salmon foam finishes the dish and hopefully you can see its volume and lightness, and it fills around the star of the show. Actually it’s just a terribly smart dish – the flower is wonderfully plumped with filling and the sauce bring aerated lightness to it all.
Plus it could easily feature in a late night scifi mini-series with terrible acting and questionable physics.