Nestled in the nook of the Dodder, wedged between million-dollah homes is, of course, Merrion Cricket club. Smashing little spot where I’ve only ever seen 100% sunshine, an opportunistic micro-climate. Anyways, many good folk have decided 12 months is too long to wait for an office Christmas blowout, so they broken up the year with a summer sporty/ active/ family-friendly hoo-ha with appropriately chargrilled meats and plant-based culinary delights, all washed down with the finest libations known to mankind. And bouncey castles.

Anyways lovely event, lots of colour, fun, lark and jenga. Worker bees managing to chill out, take a load of and catch some rays between magic, juggles and performers.

Summer parties are a wonderful idea, I’m guessing a trans-Atlantic import. Optimistically imported to our slightly northern geography – its the first time I’ve witnessed people joyfully attending a BBQ wearing both sunglasses and blankets over the shoulders – a true Irish summer look.

Welcome to Ireland – it’ll probably rain later on today.