So Tony and his fledgling yet vastly impressive company TenderScout, had a sizeable launch this week. After comparing the flake of various croissants around Dublin he gave the nod to my old haunt at No.6 Kildare Street. I was in there last week shooting another event for press/PR, and before that was in shooting the interiors for the RCPI themselves. If i had to be familiar with a place this would be high on it. Pretty fine spot for seminars etc as it’s handy for press hacks and TDs in Dublin 2, if they’re your preferred audience.
Anyways Tony dissects businesses and finds out exactly how they tick only to make any tendering process a more viable prospect. The whole seminar was based around tenders, procuring and various processes, experiences and future solutions – sounds fascinating I know, but actually it was. I don’t really have clue about running big businesses, my brain can only handle daydreaming of running with a max staff of around 500 people, but just the transparency and drip down economic effect of political policy was quite revealing.
So after the refreshingly informal and lively seminar debates, we whipped Tony and Padraig upstairs for a quick couple of photos.
Knowing the two gents had been busy all morning from well before the crack, and even though both utterly charming and patient, I knew we didn’t have time to muck about so had to execute the lighting precisely. Being acutely aware of how a photo’s subject is feeling, and how they will feel, along with the need of keeping them chipper, in a narrow window of opportunity is a skill vastly underestimated for the photography I read about online. If you have 4 minutes with the subject get the shot within 2 minutes.
Anyway, I quite happy with how these shots rolled out, and think the gents in question look great, in a place I’m lucky enough to be getting very familiar with.