Tenderscout gots a new home. They flew the coop from DogPatch Labs, got ideas about themselves and located themselves in Georgian haunt of Harcourt St. Closer to Coppers in fairness.
There’s a fervent buzz off of Tenderscout, that’s nothing to do with head honcho Tony’s footballing prowess, or his boots. They seem to be delivering consistent results for businesses in getting more work in the door and striding forwards through Tenders – which isn’t terribly glamorous like dating apps for dogs, or Airbnb but for benches – but still they’re a golden startup by all accounts. And helping gain €200m of contracts for 200 companies in 2016 pretty golden alright.
Next step UK, Canad and USA.
I can see them taking the full street soon enough and pushing KPMG’s offices back a bit.
Anyways, Tony et al, needed some fresh photos for their website, site content, press, and social. Plus all tech startups really need to open up a little, as recruiting is key so having content showing your own company culture/beer skills is crucial. Talent needs a reason to jump ship, and join this cohort.