Dublin, could quite be possibly, be leading the charge in neon signs for the folically challenged.
Make no beans about it, that’s some statement.
Somebody, somewhere, without an ounce of irony – but possibly a moustache – decided the best way to market their message to the greater Dublin area of receding men was to erect and 3m high neon sign of an animated man surprised at his loss/ re-appearance of hair. Simply brilliant.
He’s our own Vegas Vic. Perched above Dame Row and facing down to George’s and Dame Streets junction, ‘yer man’ keeps an eye on most evening proceedings on behalf of Universal Hair Clinic. Its a truly wondrous sight, and if you ever want a giggle get a mate to stand still just up from Rick’s Burgers, mouth agape and staring at the sign – you’ll find a ton of people, after following your stationery buddy’s lead, stopping and noticing for the first time this truly remarkable thing of surprising beauty.
I’m actually a little embarrassed how much I love this sign.
I’ve not heard any Dublinese nicknames for ‘yer man’ in neon. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.