Rooms with views are hard currency in this game. One of the favourite perks of the job is getting to see Dublin from various vantage points. Thankfully photo ops are usually put up on a commanding rooftop and not in the dungeon depths, replete with coders, boxes and forgotten pop-ups. So I’ve been ticking along nicely with a delightful media company and photographed one of the business teams on this balcony nearly a year ago. I had a good blast of light with me, and gave them a nice toned look – it looked pretty smart if I do say so myself Now they’re growing organically – as is their wont – and I’m called back to grab a new recruit to dovetail into their website, PRing and marketing material. The same balcony is used, so the angles on Dublin remain constant, but the weather has yet to match up on a return visit. Every time its a different ballgame.
Ended up having to blast with a couple for speedlites through boxes to overcome the natural daylight. The payback is always on the range of tones you get to work with though. There’s a bit more purposeful shooting, as the recharge from full power offloads is never too quick, but that lends itself to a different pace of shoot. Between shoo-ing away gulls, waiting for wind to drift off and hair to settle down, Dublin continually looks great – ya beaute ya.
Have to say, I really do enjoy this look.