Why, yes, yes I am.
Except venison doesn’t talk, and if it did it’s be saying ‘I’m delicious’.
New head chef Rich is cooking up a seasonal storm in Suesey Street (ye olde name for Fitzwilliam Street) and lashed up – albeit – conscientiously plated, this delectable pile of seasons greetings.
Game venison, parsnip, cherries and green things to be healthy like, I love how it looks. Check the meat structure and the melting salt crystal on juicy meat. That my friend, is a real treat.
Though I think I missed a taste of that plate, as was buzzing about the premises in whirl of batteries, bags, and brollies (softboxes unfortunately don’t begin with ‘b’) through a Kafkaesque myriad of corridors and smalling doors as Suesey Street is tucked beneath No.25 and Glandore. Always a real delight popping in down here, the basement restaurant in homely, cosy and screaming out for a long languid cocktailing dinner of delicious proportions, all smoothly handled by the handsome crew.
Think the key to getting this vension plate looking good for camera was making sure I shot immediately after the pour of the jus. Any longer and it would just spread out and lose a little of it’s volume, its the feel of rolling jus, just catching some light and flowing that always make me squirm with delight. And to think I wasted 9 years of my life as a bloody vegetarian, 9 years I can never get back.