The smell print. I used to work in publishing and we’d take delivery of palettes of stacks of fresh magazines, ink barely dry and haul them into temporary halting sites before lashing them out unto the masses. The heady print aroma would waft about the office between deadlines, the soundtrack to the smudges on your hands. Haven’t gotten that from any online source yet.

The olde Double Page Spread was always an exciting thing. Make photo big. Get people to have to move their head back when opening the magazine to take in the whole visual effect. Butt heads with a Stag’s Head in Dublin 2. It’s one of Dublin’s finest bars for sure. A proper, proper snug down one end, an at least one time ukelele packed upstairs, jacks and tourist in the basement please. Again, traditional publishing layout is a lost artform, a way of navigating your beloved reader through the amassed assets, setting the tone, leading them on, settling them in.