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Test Cal


Dublin Quays

Roofs. Cant get enough of them. Secret views onto hidden aspects of her ladyship. Think I was out getting some soon-to-be-let/sold multi-billion dollar 2-bed apartment photography done for ...

Eathos January

A little party so to speak. A quiet January night in Dublin city, a few friends and colleagues, some smashing food and some kind words. New slideshows


Whatcha doin? Chilling... Summer wind-down approaching and cant get enough of the laid back summer vibes – grass between your toes, warmth of an evening sun through your shirt, faint lin...

Santa Prints in Dublin 2

So it has got to be +150 sleeps til Christmas. Not really the thing to be thought about whilst last-minuting summer holidays, factor30ing or juggling kids' camps. But its there and its all rea...

Raspberry Peek-a-boo

I think for delicate little morsels, tiny little things than can be hoovered up or sumptuously devoured, mouth-feel is such a key moment. It's that initial contact, the initial sense, when cak...

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