So it has got to be +150 sleeps til Christmas. Not really the thing to be thought about whilst last-minuting summer holidays, factor30ing or juggling kids’ camps. But its there and its all real and coming soon to a hotel, shopping centre, dinner table near you. you’ve been warned.

Whilst maybe not as rotund or ruddy as many others, this Santa was a joy to be around with his easy-goin nature which I put down to myself having been a fairly good-to-very-good boy all year. We setup the printer, some lights, reindeer, presents and some branded sleeves and introduced a bundle to littl’uns to Santa and his famed hospitality.

We rattled through a series of gasps, lists, hardballed negotiations, forgotten names, mince pies and reindeer treats. A few dozen prints deftly popped into protected sleeves for super appreciative mums, das, grans and g-das. All those on site prints ready for fridge magnets, mantelpieces and bedside tables. Tis the type of thing teenage eyes will look back on with a dose of incredulity and nostalgia.

The supreme staff of the Merrion had to get in for a photo once we’d wrapped with the visitors, honestly they couldn’t wait to feel just like a kid again. No one can.

Super morning.