Christmas lighting installations for Dun Laoghaire County Council.


Bloody cold out at night wandering around Dun Laoire at night in mid-December with an easterly blowing in off the sea. I should have been tucked up with a big glass of something stronger than thawing ice instead. The local county council open the wallet and dress the town all nice for Christmas, getting boots on the ground and making Christmas as an event in any town or city is the only way traditional bricks and mortars can keep up.

So there’s an enjoyable measured way of shooting lights at night that involves patience, thermals and a solid tripod. There’s probably other ways of doing it, but you’re not taking me thermals.

*Also it turns out I’ve been spelling Dun Laoire, Dun Leary, and Dun Laoghaire in me head completely wrong for eternity. Thankfully, I don’t crowbar it into my written prose as often as I have done in the past.